Minifig Decals

Here you can find some my decals I’ve created. Some are good, some  bad. You might notice that none of the figures that appear in the header are here. These are in a different format. Basically chest, legs and waist were all separate textures as opposed to now where all of those are parts are all in one texture. I’m planning on redoing some of them in future so aren’t going to transfer them to the new format anytime soon.

Since my head pieces tend to be custom pieces, I’ve not put them here.

Also, if your planning to print them out, you’ll have scale them to fit a minifigure first.

Mass Effect

 ShepardArmour(ME) ShepardArmour(ME3) OnyxLight(M) PhoenixMedium(F) GethTrooper LiaraCasual(ME) MEAllianceCasual(F) AsariAdept(Red) AsariAdept(Cyan) WrexBody TurianBlueSuns SalarianEclipse QuarianEngineer(F) Garrus(ME) Liara(ME3)BodyBlueSuns(M)Body

Star Wars

TyKhassan(Body) MissionVao KOTORSithTrooper(Silver) KOTORSithTrooper(Red) JoleeBindo JadenKor ImperialPilot ImperialMajor(F) ImperialAgent(F) DarthMalak CarthOnasi Brianna DarthTranquility

Dragon Age

WardenArmour(DA) LeatherArmor(M) LeatherArmor(F)