Creating Darth Tranquillity – The Face

With all the modelling done, it’s time we turned towards texturing the various body parts. First I did the face. In fact, two faces: a normal face and an angry face:

Face (Complete) Angry Face (Complete)

You may also notice that the hair’s been altered slightly. So how do I go about making the face? (If you don’t really care, I’d stop reading now).

Firstly the program I use is called GIMP2, it’s like photoshop, but open source and free! The free aspect is very appealing to me.

I’ve unwrapped the head piece so that I have a flat map to put my images on. I’m not going into how I unwrapped the head, but effectively it’s like unfolding a cube so you to get a cross shape made of six squares. My base template for the unwrapped face effectively looks like this:


It’s half scale and I’ve superimposed a rough version of the face over it. The other parts I don’t use to draw on and they basically the back of the head and top and bottom stud.

I’ve already got the face designed on my sketch, so I place it on my template. I then do a quick render it to see what it looks like and if there are any major issues. It does look a little creepy.

Face (Sketch)

I think my eyes are further part than ones on proper Lego faces. Generally I have to move the eyes out a bit else they tend to look a little cross eyed.

With the template looking good, I start to create the face parts. First I started with the mouth. When I doing these faces, I tend to create one half, and then copy and flip it to create the other side.

The mouth is shaped using paths tool. It different to what I drew on my sketch as I felt it didn’t look quite the same as my characters mouth. It’s always best to have some references to hand when doing something like this. I often find that I end up creating something based on what I remember it looking like, rather than what it actually does look like. Having references to hand stops me from doing that and having to go back a redo my LipsDesignStageswork.

Because I would be copying the path to create the other side, I made sure that the circles points were used to shape the mouth.

Once I was happy with the shape, next duplicate flip.

Move the flipped half so that it is level. I have a guide down the centre of the face to help line things up.

At this point you could merge the two paths into one, but when you come to fill in the two halves, you can sometimes get a faint line down the middle as they are treated as two shapes. Instead, while the two halves are separate, delete the two points circled earlier from one of the sides.

Now we can merge the paths together. Then just fill in the gaps. By using the circled points to shape the mouth it makes it easier once the other side there to make any slight alterations to the middle of the mouth. Otherwise I’d have to use the two points on either side, I’ve no way to ensure that I alter each side the same and this could lead to a lop-sided mouth.

The lip line was just another path, but in this case you don’t join the two ends and I used ‘paint along path’ to draw along it.

The eye was done in a similar way. First I placed black circle for the eye, then used the path tool to create the eyebrow/upper eye socket. The eye shadow is separate path. The outer edge is blurred slightly, so it’s not so sharp an edge. The white dots I placed after I had completed both sides (no idea why I decided to do it that way).

The scarring I did by hand. Normally I would have used paths and ‘paint and long path’ to do these, but I wanted to try something different. I used a brush with about 50% transparency and just built them up from there. Close up they don’t look as good as if I’d used paths, but from the distances it’ll be seen from I don’t think you can tell the difference.

Once I’d done one side of the head, I copied all the elements, and flipped them.

I also decided to do an angry face. From what I can see from Lego heads, it’s just the mouth and eye brows which are different. I created the new mouth using the same methods as above, and the made the eye brows angled more inwards. I also had the move part of the scarring upwards.

And that’s it really. Next time. Let’s get texture the body and legs.


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