Creating Darth Tranquillity – The Design

So who is Darth Tranquillity? Darth Tranquillity is a character I’ve been playing in The Old Republic MMO. She’s a Sith Inquisitor, which in game play terms means she attacks at range, rather than closing to melee range and whacking stuff with a lightsaber.

I also had a lot of fun playing her and got interested in making her into a minifigure, much like I did with another of my characters, Major Ty’khassan (link).

Upon deciding to create her, I took a few pictures so I wouldn’t have to keep loading up the game to see how she looked. This collage of pictures, which I created for this article, is representative example of them.


From looking at her, I knew I was going to have to create a new hair piece for her. While I was tempted to use an existing official Lego hair piece, I wanted one which looked closer to her in game appearance than I would get if I used an official one. The one could have would have used would be the one used on Irina Spalko from the Lego Indiana Jones sets (and other characters I’m sure).

I also decided to make two versions of her, a legged version and a skirted version. I game, she has skirt but with legs I can pose the minifigure.

With that decided, I’ve created this sketch in pencil.


When I do these one side is basically really neat and what I’m going to use once I load get it into gimp. The other side is a bit cruder and is simply there so I can get an idea what it’ll look like. Once completed I scan it onto my computer. A further article will go into more depth about how I then use it this image.

When I started, had a colour pallet decided for her, mostly reds and blacks. Then on completing some quest I got another version of the same body armour, mostly blacks, greys and red highlights. This next image shows the differences.


So now I’m thinking of doing a combination of the two. Haven’t really decided that yet.

Now with all this complete, I can get on with actually creating her. I started with the hair, which will be the next article.


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