Creating Darth Tranquillity – Body and Props

Been a while, but this will be the last article. I had planned for this to be split into two, but I had a bit of a splurged on finishing the character and props and there isn’t really anything extra which I haven’t said before.

So, this will about creating the body piece. First thing I did is check that the design I sketched looks good when on the body:

Tranquillity (Sketch Front) Tranquillity (Sketch Back)

It looks a little weird being all in white, but all the detail looks like they’re in the right position. I’ve it set up so the body, waist/hips and legs are all one texture map which makes everything have the same resolution and makes it easier to line up details across several pieces.

I don’t have a picture of it, but next I roughly coloured in some parts to see what colours worked (especially shades of the same colour). Often two shades of the same colour don’t look all that different once I’ve rendered the image. It also allowed me to see whether a red or black version of the body looked better. The red one did and once finished, Tranquillity ended up looking like this:

Tranquillity(CompleteFront) Tranquillity(CompleteBack)

Technique wise, there is nothing new here. I used the same methods here that I used when making the face.

The belt buckle could be better, but I’m going to leave it as it is. I used the same design for the legs as are used on the Sith Warrior minifigure from set the Republic Defender, 75025. I just changed the colour somewhat to fit into my scheme.

I actual character wears a skirt, so I created that as well. This one I did quick sketch on paper, before roughly drawing it onto the sloping piece used to represent the skirt:


It looked OK here, so again I blocked out the main colour areas and checked it was still ok


At this point I realised this wasn’t working. The gray panels at the side and the centre tongue bit reached too far down. I moved them up a bit and checked them again. I don’t have a picture what it looked like then, but I was happy with how it was looking, so I redid it with all the details to give this:

Tranquillity(Robe2) Tranquillity(Robe1)

Prop wise, I’ve given here a curved lightsaber (as that’s what by character has) and lightening bolt. The saber is meant to be the same as the two you get in the Republic gunship set, 7676. I didn’t have too good a reference for it, so it’s not as accurate as it could be. But it’s close enough to for what I want.

Tranquillity(Action1) Tranquillity(Action2)

And at’s it. There should be a blog posting with some more pictures, including a throne I created for her.


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