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Day 1: Raven’s Claw

Our first model is Kyle Katarn’s ship, the Ravens Claw, from Star Wars: Jedi Outcast (or, if you prefer, Jedi Academy). It’s one of my favourites of this years model More pictures, and instructions, below the break.

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Teaser: The 24 Days of Lego (Video Game) Christmas

And now, an announcement. At the risk of sounding far grander than it really is, I can finally reveal the project I’ve been working on (and off again) for the last few months: The 24 Days of Lego (Video Game) … Continue reading

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Some Work in Progress’s

You know, I set myself a ‘soft’ New Years resolution to update this blog more often. I think we can safely say I’ve failed utterly in that. Still lets see some of what I’ve been doing since then. These are … Continue reading

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Jaden Korr and Far Wanderer (Work in Progress)

Ok, it’s technically a non-cannon Jaden Korr, from the video game Jedi Academy (and other stuff).

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