BT-7 Thunderclap Instructions

First we’ll start with the underside of the main wing of the body:

UnderWing1 UnderWing2 UnderWing3

We’ll flip that and move onto building middle of main body:

Body1 Body2

(Since posting this, I’ve since discovered I’ve used an ‘illegal’ build on this section. Apparently, the hole in a 1×1 brick is a slightly different height to those studs on the sides of bricks. It’s a minuscule difference, and putting together those two type of bricks is OK, but you shouldn’t then place plates on top or bottom of such an arrangement. You could probably get rid of the two yellow 1×2 plates I’ve used and it’ll probably hold together just fine.) 

Body3 Body4 Body5 Body6 Body7

Then we’ll build the upper side of it:

UpperWing1 UpperWing2 UpperWing3 BodyComplete

Next we’ll move onto another part of the main body:

BodySide1 BodySide2 BodySide3 BodySide4 BodySide5 BodySide6 BodySide7 BodySide8 BodySide9

And join that to what we’ve already created:


Now the engines:

EngineBlock Construction2

And the cockpit:

Cockpit1 Cockpit2 Cockpit3 Construction3

And the wings, lower first:

MovingWingLower1 MovingWingLower2

Then upper:

MovingWingUpper1 MovingWingUpper2

Construction4 Construction5

And there it is, complete:




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