BrickHeadz Darth Malgus – Instructions

Rather picture heavy this….

First the body….

body2 body3body4 body5body6 body7body8 body9body10 body11body12 body13body14 body15body16 body17body18 body19body20 body21body22 body23body24 

Quick diversion to make the arms:

arm1 arm2arm3 arm4

Build two of these and add them to each side.

body25 body26 body27 body28 body29

Next we build the head onto this…

head1 head2 head3 head4 head5 head5_5 head6 head7 head8 head9 head10 head11 head12 head13 head14 head15 head16 head17 head18 head19 head20 head21 head22 head23 head24 head25 head26 head27 head28 head29 addin1 head30 head31 head32 head33 head34 head35 head36

Slight diversion to build part of Malgus’s mask:

maskright1 maskright2 maskright3 maskright4

And back to the head….

head36_5 head37 head38 head39

And build the mask piece for the other side…

maskleft2 maskleft3 maskleft4 maskleft5

And add this to the other side of the head….

head39_5 head40 head41 head42 head43 head44

With that done, lets build some legs….

leg1 leg2 leg3 leg4 leg5 leg6

… and the base….

base1 base2base3 base4

…. and place all these parts  together and we’re done.

complete1 complete2 complete3 complete4

And some front, back and side views….

MalgusFront MalgusSide MalgusBack