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Micro Striker-class Starfighter

A little model today. It’s a rendition of a Striker-class starfighter, done in the microfighter style. Yeah, so the pilots not right. I tried making one, but I wasn’t having fun creating the helmet, so I stopped and now you’ve … Continue reading

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TIE Drone

Just a quick post today, a copy of the TIE Drone starfighter from set 10131 ‘TIE Fighter Collection’. There’s also a construction video, also with a couple of 360 spins. More pictures after the break

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A Tomb Raider inspired set

So a little project I’ve been working over the past few months. It’s a Tomb Raider inspired set, which I’ve tried to design as it’s an official set. The functionalities include a rocky wall to climb up, a collapsing bridge, … Continue reading

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Lara Croft

Just a quick post today. It’s a minifigure of Lara Croft which I’ve made for a  Tomb Raider based set I’ve been working on. Hopefully I’ll post about that in a couple of days, but before then, here’s some images … Continue reading

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Han Solo’s Landspeeder

Just a copy of a set today. It’s Han Solo’s Landspeeder (set 75209), with just a couple of changes. Also did an animation, 30 seconds of it spinning around.

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Chloe Price

It’s been a while since my last update, you shouldn’t have as long to wait for the next one (maybe…). Still here’s a minifigure I’ve been working on: Chloe Price from Life is Strange. As you can see, I’ve a … Continue reading

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Blackwell Academy

Done (or at least attempted to do) in the same style as Lego’s ‘Architecture’ range, it’s Blackwell Academy, from Life is Strange. The back of the model is conjectural, since you never see that part in game. The video contains … Continue reading

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