Day 25: Republic Trooper

For the 25th, a Republic trooper from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The figure’s not based on any character of mine (unlike the figure here).

More pictures below the break.

The torso design is a combination of the trooper minifigures available in a couple of the Old Republic Lego sets. The waist and legs are fromĀ Striker-class Starfighter (but coloured orange) and the torso fromĀ Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers (but with the knife add from the trooper in the Striker-class).

The figures a bit crude. I didn’t spend as much time of the textures and the hair piece as I might have otherwise. Todays posting is more a joke character than the other days (one of the reason she’s got a purple mohawk (though it is customisation option from the game)).

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