Life Is Strange – Max & Chloe – True

Something a bit different today: a music video!

The music is True by Amaranthe, set to clips from Life Is Strange. The song just seemed to fit the game there characters.

When I say it’s set to clips from Life Is Strange, it’s actually just the characters of Max and Chloe. So yeah, it’s also potentially only a few steps removed from being a creepy shrine. (Maybe it is only a poster and a couple of candles, but it’s still a creepy shrine!)1

It’s the first time I’ve done something like this, so there’s definitely room from improvement. It was a bit of a learning experience: if I knew when I started what I know now, there are bits I would change.

Some scenes need tightening up so they start or end better on the beats of the song. I’d probably try and keep Max and Chloe separate until around the 1 minute mark. (so that would mean changing scenes at 0:28, 0:43, 0:52). And there are other little bits which could be altered.

I’m not changing this now as it would require to much of a re-jig and honestly, I’m quite happy with how it’s currently at. Who knows though? Maybe in a year or so’s time, I might revisit it?

There are some scenes that I can’t see me changing. The last scene is to stay (but the scene before might also work in it’s place) and the scenes at 1:22 and 2:42 would stay in (but could be moved to fit the lyrics or music elsewhere).

It’s unlikely to be my last music video as I’ve got some other ideas for others (decided for yourself if you that’s a good thing or not).

1 Yeah, it a Mass Effect 3 reference.

2 Several of which involve Mass Effect

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