Battle Sisters

I actually created these last year, but never got around to either finishing or posting them (except here, but that was before I done most of these). They’re still not finished, but let’s show them off as a work in progress.

As before they’ve influenced heavily (read: copied) from the Sisters of Battle from Warhammer 40K.

Battle Sisters (All) Battle Sisters (All)

There’s a couple more pictures of each of the minifigures below the break.Canoness

Battle Sister (Canoness)

The banner is intended to have writing and other stuff on it, but if I’ve being honest, I’m thinking of dropping the whole backpack design and going for something different. I’m also thinking of dropping the axe and replacing it with something…. else.


Battle Sister (Trooper) Battle Sister (Trooper)

Nothing really special about this one. Just added a half pin to the barrel.

Heavy Bolter

Battle Sister (Heavy Bolter) Battle Sister (Heavy Bolter)

No changes between this and the images I post last year.


Battle Sister (Flamer) Battle Sister (Flamer)

I want to shorten the barrel but other than using the lightsaber hilt. I’ve been unable to find a way to get the flame piece to attach to the rest of it.


BattleSister (Seraphim) Battle Sister (Seraphim)

And finally a Seraphim. It’s OK, but I wanted to add some sort of visible thruster to them.  The wings are basically glorified jet pack, so that seems apt.

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