Imperial Assault Walker

A model I’ve been working on for a bit now, an Imperial walker from the Old Republic MMO.

I’ve called it an assault walker, as I’ve no idea what it’s called in game. All the examples I come across have specific designations (‘Shield Squad-4’ and the like) rather than just a generic name. So I made up a name which sounds quasi-military. Functionally, I see fitting somewhere between the AT-ST and AT-AT of the later Empire.


Let’s start with the two troopers.

The helmeted version is just a straight copy of the figure you get in several of the Old Republic sets. Nothing special about him, save that I gave him an assault cannon rather than just a regular blaster. (Try not to look to closely how the hand holds the back of it. It’s the closest I could get it.)

The other figure is just a generic captain, based on a (very) minor quest giver on the Imperial side, Captain Sarnova. The head is based on the ‘Erin’ head the Echo-1 & -2 ghostbusters set (the actually piece is two sided, my has only one as I couldn’t find a good enough pictures of the other side). The hair piece exists, but currently only in grey it seems.

The Imperial major uses a head from the First Order Tie Fighter set. The body is the same as that created for Day 17 here, but the hat is new. I was thinking of giving him a different colour uniform (for example, tan legs) but I kind of like this version.

Finally the walker pilot. This was a difficult one. As far as I can tell, you never see a walker pilot in game (at least an Imperial one). So much like how the AT-AT pilots have the same helmet as the TIE pilots, so my walker pilot has the same helmet as my Imperial pilot.

The body design is merging of three others. The base is that of the my Imperial pilot, but with the more ‘life-supportly’ elements removed. The colours and most the overalls (or what every you call them) are based on the AT-AT pilot from this set with additional details of the AT-ST pilot of this set. I think it looks OK.

There’s actually two versions of the walker. The assault walker and the heavy assault walker.

The heavy walker has a different weapon on one of the sides (I assume it’s a weapon), and an extended back piece with a rocket launcher.


I designed the model so that it was relatively easy to swap between the two versions. The back panel comes off, attach the extension and rocket launcher.

I’ve also created some ‘playable’ versions with spring shooters replacing some of the cannons and some flick fires for the rockets.

If I was to go it again, I might try and incorporate the spring shooters into the head on either side on the central cannon. Maybe also have stud shooters on the sides.

The model has been around for a while. The first ‘draft’ I completed over a year ago, but more recently I revised it. The most notable changes were the feet and legs. I also redesigned the internal framework of the head to be more robust. I like to try and built these as if they were actual Lego sets.

There are some problems and things I’d like to change. There would require quite a substantial resign of the model, and that’s not something I really want to do right now (or ever?).

Some of the technic pins are quite visible. I’m not certain of the difference between blue as black versions of some of them (more friction maybe?) and I could try and cover some up. But perversely, I quite like them showing. It makes it feel more like a ‘real’ Lego model (well, at least in my head).

I imagine the model isn’t that stable (I feel that it you built physically, it’ll just fall over).

It’ll be difficult to get the pilot in out of the hatch to top. I’d either have to make it so the side panels can fold outwards or the whole top open up.

Finally. I’ve possibility cheated a little. With all the technic pieces and angles which make up the legs, the head points slightly upwards. At most it’s a couple of degrees, but it’s not what I wanted (I was hoping it’ll lean slightly forwards, and my rough draft looked like I would). In the pictures I made the head level. It’s only a couple of degrees off and I feel there’s enough flex and tolerance in Lego pieces that if I physically built it, the weight of the head and hips would counteract it.

There might be more later. I want to show off (if that’s the right word) some of how it’s built. Saying that I do realised I said the same about my Sith Fighter, and I still haven’t done that.

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