M-44 Hammerhead

I’ve posted an image of this model a long time ago (right at the bottom), and more recently someone asked for the instructions, so we’re going to have a little post about it.

It’s the M-44 Hammerhead tank from Mass Effect 2.

There’s the instructions are here. Be aware, there’s a hundred odd images in it.

Oh yeah, you can also view s short video on YouTube.

It’s not the best model, but uh, never mind. Learn by doing, right? There’s not really much to say about it. I created it a while back so I’ve forgot about any problems I had making it.

If I was doing it again, I’d probably change I how I build the internal supports for the back end around where the turbine is.

It’s not visible (except in the instructions) but I used  two 2×4 plates with holes running length ways and one 2×4 with holes running 90 degrees to that. What I’d do now is use a 2×8 plate with holes running length ways and 2 2x4s running across rather than. I can then ‘hang off’ the rest of the back from that.

The plates with holes were needed for the axle which holds the turbine to run through.



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