Day 26: Offcuts

As I design all my models first in LDraw before building them in Blender, there are several models which I didn’t end up using. Of course, they look nicer in Blender, I ended up building them in it for this post.

occ3 czksand

As it’s always good to look behind the scenes, lets have a look at some of them. It’s best to consider all these ‘work in progress’ as there would have likely been changes had I used them. Some just didn’t work, some I didn’t like and some weren’t needed.

First, some minifigure props. The intention was that for each minifigure, the next day they’d have some sort of prop to go with them, much like what I did with the 25 Days of Mass Effect Christmas last year. I decided not to do this but these next few models are ideas for props they could have had:

Nar Shaddaa advert

advert1 advert2 advertb

This would probably have been for my smuggler character and was supposed to look like advertising… blocks(?)… dotted around places like Nar Shaddaa in the game. There would have been some printing on the 4×2 tiles to represent adverts.


barcade1 barcade2 barcadeb

This was designed before I had all my minifigures locked down. I was thinking of doing an updated version of my KOTOR style Sith Trooper and this would have been some sort of defensive barricade for him.


bar1 bar2 barb

Another idea for my smuggler character, some sort of bar. There would have been a couple of bottles with it, but I’ve not got those models yet in Blender so just pretent they’re there. I quite liked the hidden blaster with this one.

Imperial Computer

computer1 computer2 computerb

This would have been for my Imperial Officer character. There would have been printing on the transparent panel and the 1×2 slope piece. The transparent blue bit would have been one of those small minifigure trophies, to represent a holocommunicator, but that’s not a piece I’ve built in Blender yet.

Cantina Table

table1 table2 tableb

And another idea for my smuggler. The 1×1 tiles would have had a texture to represent pazaak cards. There would have also had been a bottle on the table. The vertical clip would have been to hold a blaster.

Practice Target

target1 target2 targetb

This would have been for my trooper minifigure. I might have also but a helmet on it.


holocron holocron2 holocronb

This would have been for the inquisitor character, representing a Sith holocron on some sort of table.

I also had some other structures:

The Elysium

elys1 elys2 elysb

This was to represent the massive Elysium structure on Alderaan. I dropped it as an idea before fully nailing down the finished design. I would have tried to change the cylindrical bit at the front to look a bit like a rock face or add some 1×1 slopes around it to represent the same.


generator1 generator1a generator2

This was to a generator, but I dropped it as it just didn’t look right. It’s not rounded enough. The curved bits need to be higher, and more rounded.

Imperial AT

impat1 impat3 impat2 impatb

A model I almost used: an Imperial armoured transport. It’s OK(ish), but the reason it was dropped is that it has the same base as my sandcrawler to represent the tracks. I didn’t want two models with the same basis and the sandcrawler looked better.

Czerka Sandcrawler 

czksand czksand2 czksandb

Speaking of sandcrawlers, I had the idea to do a Czerka sandcrawler from KOTOR. I quite like it, but in the end I just decided not to use it.

Republic AT

repat1 repat2 repatb

Yeah… this Republic armoured transport this didn’t work one bit. It was dropped as an idea soon as it was built in LDraw. The only reason I kept the save file was for a post like this to show that not every idea works.

The last couple of models are some ships from the Galactic Starfighter expansion for the Old Republic

Republic Gunship

gunship1 gunship2 gunship3 gunshipb

This is to be one of the Republic gunship types ships. It’s ok, and could have been fine to use, but I think the ships I did end up using are better.


occ1 occ2 occ3 occb

One of the scout-class ships. The wings are a bit too big and don’t like the back. I tried some different ideas for the middle, but they came of worse.

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