M35 Mako – Instructions

A visitor asked for the instructions for the M35 Mako I posted way back in 2012. Here they are, below the break. There’s about 65 images, so be warned! (There’s also no printing like in the earlier post.

The lighting a bit washed out, but other than the four transparent pieces, the pieces are either black, light gray or white (although you can use whatever colours you like). Click on any of the images for a larger version.

Mako1 Mako2 Mako3 Mako4 Mako5 Mako6 Mako7 Mako8 Mako9 Mako10 Mako11 Mako12 Mako13 Mako14 Mako15 Mako16 Mako17 Mako18 Mako19 Mako20 Mako21 Mako22 Mako24 Mako25 Mako26 Mako27 Mako28 Mako29 Mako30 Mako31 Mako32 Mako33 Mako34 Mako35 Mako36 Mako37 Mako38 Mako39 Mako40 Mako41 Mako42 Mako43 Mako44 Mako45 Mako46 Mako47 Mako48 Mako49 Mako50 Mako51 Mako52 Mako53 Mako54 Mako55 Mako56 Mako57 Mako58 Mako59 Mako60 Mako61 Mako62 Mako63 Mako64 Mako65

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One Response to M35 Mako – Instructions

  1. Brandon Digiuseppe says:

    Hello again, I appreciate that you took the time to post a set of instructions for this particular Mako. I plan on building a large-scale Lego SSV Normandy SR1 and I wanted to have a miniature Mako to go with it. Again, thank you for posting these instructions. Not just for me, but for others as well.

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