Mark VI Supremacy-class Starfighter

Something I’ve been working on for a bit now, and which my last two posts have been building up to, is my latest model: the Mark VI Supremacy-class Starfighter from the Old Republic. I’ve designed as if it were to be an official model.

Sith Fighter (Action Shot) Sith Fighter Underside (Action shot)

With luck there will be a further post detailing some of the actual construction.

Sith Fighter (Action shot) Sith Fighter(Action shot)Firstly, a few words on my design process. For the actual models, I can only use existing bricks, so there are no new pieces (which was a problem for the cockpit as there wasn’t a suitable piece available). All these models should be buildable should you have the pieces (with one caveat).

For minifigures, new pieces are allowed. So far, it’s mostly been helmets and hairpieces.

The one caveat with pieces is that I can have them any colour I like (though for models, I try and keep it to just the official colours). There are some pieces I’ve used which you can’t actually get in the colour I used. An example: there are some 6×6 tiles on the wings which are in black. From what I’ve been able to see, these only come in light gray or green.

For smaller technic pieces, I just use the official colours (so a few blue pins show up).

Lets start with the three minifigures, all of which have appeared in earlier posts:

Minifigures (Front)

From left to right, an Imperial pilot, Admiral Ranken and a Sith trooper. They’ve all got an unique face:

Minifigures (Faces)

And of course, printing on the back:

Minifigures (Rear)

I created the pilot because clearly if you’re creating a starfighter you need someone to pilot it, and the trooper because you always need more troopers. The troopers a real minifigure you could get.

I chose to have a named character as I think you need one for this type of model. There was an expansion to the Old Republic called ‘Galactic Starfighter’ which on the Imperial side added a couple of suitable characters, one of which was Admiral Rankin. The other was a character call Lord Krovos, but she needs a new hair piece to work, so went for Rankin.

I have a yet unrealised project to create one of the Sith bombers (the ‘Extinction-class’ I think they’re called) from the game. I see that model acting as a ‘compainion piece’ to this one and Lord Krovos would be the named minifigure in that set. It’s not something I’m working on currently, but it’s in the back of my mind should I be looking around for a model to work on.

There was to be a forth minifigure, an Imperial astromech:

Old style astro-mech

It was based on the T7 minifigure from the Striker-class starfigure but in black and with a different head. The finished version was also have some printing on the tile at the front (just a reskin of the T7 one but with white highlights) and on the head. I could have sworn this type turned up on the Imperial side, but all the Imperial astromechs I could find had a different design (more cylindrical). Not something I realised until I spend some time zooming round the game looking for Imperial ones that resemble it.

Who knows, I may end up using in a yet unrealised future project. Still, on with the star of the show with some comparison images showing the wings up and down:

Sith Fighter Front (Open) Sith Fighter Front (Closed) Sith Fighter Side (Open wings) Sith Fighter Side (closed wings)Sith Fighter Back(Wings Open) Sith Fighter Back (Wings Closed)Sith Fighter Top (Open wings) Sith Fighter Top (Closed wings)

I mentioned above that I designed it as if were an official set, so it has some play functions. Most notable are the flick fires at the tips of the wings and the string loaded launchers under the cockpit.

Wing flickfires Spring Launcher

I also added some stickers (or maybe they’d be printed tiles?) on the wings.

Wing Stickers

I did have them as just black tiles initially, but it made it look too jagged. I redesigned it so there’d be 1×1 tiles along the trailing edge of the wing. This way with gray tile and a black triangular sticker works better than the other around.

The wings also open and close as shown on the views above. I’ve used technic friction pins in the hinges which should keep the wings in position when they’re opened up.

Wing (Closeup)

Also there’s a flap at the back which I imagine contains part of the engine:

Engine Flap (Closed) Engine Flap (Open)

The cockpit opens at the front and at the top, you have to drop the pilot in the top to get him in.

Cockpit (Closed) Cockpit (Open)


Their wasn’t a suitable piece (I felt) that could act as the windscreen, so I created one out smaller pieces. It’s not perfect, and it’s probably weak in places, but I felt it was better than the alternative.

The angle of the wings are a bit too shallow, unfortunately the next angled piece I could use makes the angle too steep:

Sith Fighter Front (Steeper wings) Sith Fighter Side(Steeper wings)

I also began to create a box for it. I’ve only gotten around to starting the front of it. My design skills aren’t going to have anyone fearing for their jobs. Honestly, this is probably as far as that’s going to get, I’m not really having fun making it, but you can see where I was going.

Front of Box (WIP)

There was still the planet and the stars to do, and the motion blur needs improving, and the lighting on the ship, and probably the background for the minifigures but other than that, it great!

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