Juhani and T3-M4, Knights of the Old Republic

Just a couple of mini-figures I’ve been working on, both from Knights of the Old Republic, Juhani and the droid T3-M4.

Juhani2 T3M4_1

I’m not entirely happy with the colours for T3. Some pictures he (she? it?) looks a bit more silvery, others a bit more of a tan colour. This vaguely look like a good compromise. I should also do an exploded view of him too and show how he all fits together.

Juhani got a custom hair piece. It’s a bit more exaggerated compared to her ‘in game’ version, but I think it’s something you need to do with Lego hair. It might also be partly based on the fact it’s a copy of a hair piece from the Old Republic.

She’s also got some dual tone legs.

Juhani1 T3M4_2

Fun fact, I’ve shown an earlier design for T3 elsewhere on this blog:

T3-M4  T3-M4

I like my new one better…..


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