Imperial Agent and Sith Trooper, The Old Republic

Been on a bit of binge lately, so here’s another couple of minifigures: an Imperial Agent and Sith trooper, both from The Old Republic:

Agent1 SithTrooper1

Yeah, the trooper is just a straight copy of the figure you could get in a couple of models (and it’s also the second type of Sith Trooper I’ve done).

Also, the Agent isn’t finished. She might have a different head (the one I’ve used is from my Jaden Korr minifigure) and will have a hair piece instead of the hat.

Agent2 SithTrooper2

There both for a not-a-project I’ve working on, although amusingly, neither of these are critical to it. The mini-figure which is the most necessary to it, I’ve yet to start. Go figure.

I’m also not calling it a project, because if I do, I’ll lose interest in it. Like this one. Or this one.

I might also change my black colour so it’s a little lighter, there’s not a lot of definition so the trooper looks like a bit of a black blob.

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