Some Work in Progress’s

You know, I set myself a ‘soft’ New Years resolution to update this blog more often. I think we can safely say I’ve failed utterly in that. Still lets see some of what I’ve been doing since then. These are all work in progress so will get their own posts at some point. Still, think of it as little teaser….

Williams_ME1 Invader1

Ashley Williams

Williams_ME1 Williams_ME1_2

Still very much work in progress: I’ve yet to settle on the right shade of pink, and the face is going to get redone. It’s also a new helmet, more detailed than the Blue Suns one which shows in the page banner.

Old Republic Speeder

TORSpeeder2 TORSpeeder1

This is based (very loosely) on one of the speeder/mounts found in the Old Republic MMO. It’s mostly finished: I’ve got to finish off the back (which is why there are no pictures of it) and there might be some printing on the pieces too. I’ve an idea make a more ‘beat-up’ version of it too.

Jaden Kor’s Helmet


I made a helmet for Jaden Kor to go in Headhunter I’ve been working on. It’s not textured yet, the symbol showing will be simplifed and other details will be added to it.

More Mass Effect


A female version of the causal Alliance uniform from Mass Effect. There’s a back to it also.


Blacktron1 Invader1

I loved the Blacktron theme as a child, so I created one of the models here. Depending on your monitor setting, these two pictures could just be a smear of black.

That’s it. Lets hope it’s not another six months until my next post.






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One Response to Some Work in Progress’s

  1. Seth says:

    I can’t wait to see the decal images, I’ve been wanting these figures since the games came out!

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