Ferelden Soldiers and Ballista

Following on from my last posts, I’ve (mostly) completed my ‘Ferelden battlepack’ so here are some quick pictures of it. It’s not entirely finished, so expect a longer post with more and better(?) pictures in the non to distant future.Soldiers1 Balastia1

Soldiers2 Balastia2 Soldiers3 Soldiers4

The ballista is based on some seen in game and I might change some of the colours so it’s a little less ‘monochrome’. Depending on the current piece count there might be a additional model. I’m trying to keep the count to between 80 to 100 pieces.

Also, you might notice on the four characters shots, the female soldiers sword is clipping into her waist. Didn’t notice at first but it’s fixed it for the close in shot at the end.

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2 Responses to Ferelden Soldiers and Ballista

  1. Cer says:

    Helo I was wondering if you have any legos of all your awesome stuff or if it is all just computer made.?

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