Jaden Korr and Far Wanderer (Work in Progress)

Ok, it’s technically a non-cannon Jaden Korr, from the video game Jedi Academy (and other stuff).

Jaden01 Z95(WIP)

Jaden02 Jaden03 Jaden04 Jaden05 Z95(WIP2)

She’s from a project I’m working on, which I’ve put on hold for a bit. The ‘angry’ face at the end needs to be re-worked. The ‘Far Wanderer’ is the ship, a Z-95 Headhunter.

In fact this character is a bit momentous occasion here as it’s basically my first own-designed minifigure which isn’t from a Bioware game*. A time for celebration perhaps?

Like I said, it’s part of a project where I’ve also creating her ship you see her flying about the galaxy in, which is apparently call the ‘Far Wanderer’.

It’s clearly unfinished. The colours are fixed yet, the red is definately going and the colour scheme is probably going to be more white and gray. Also I’ve not done any texturing of any pieces yet. I might be changing the wings slighly.

Technically, the canon Jaden Korr is human and male. I went for female and human for several reasons. When (if?) I ever finish the ship, I might talk a bit more about the

One, a human male Jedi? What a bold narrative choice to go with a human male. Because there are hardly any other similar Jedi characters out there are there?

Two, Jennifer Hale. See also Commander Shepard and Major Ty’Khassan.

I originally was just going to create a ‘generic’ face for her, but it ending up being inspired by character of Nilin from the video game ‘Remember Me’. I say inspired because my head looks nothing like the character.

The project was put on hold because another project attracted me, magpie like to it. Why not see the next post for some details?

* Technically Visas Marr and the Handmaiden are not Bioware, but they’re by Obsidian and from Knights of the Old Republic 2, so they’re pratically Bioware in my mind.



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