Ferelden Soldiers

Some Ferelden soldiers from the video game Dragon Age: Origins.

Solider1 Solider2  

Solider3 Solider4

The male ones are basically complete, just a little work to do on the armour which no one will notice but me. The woman still needs a little work and I’ve still got a face to do for her (I’ve currently using the one I created for Bastila Shan). Plus another male face to do.

The project is to create a ‘Ferelden Soldier’ battlepack, much like the Star Wars ones you can get. There will be four soldiers, a range of weapons, a small balista type weapon and depending on piece count at this point a weapon rack.

None of that’s been created yet, but one bit at a time.

I’ve also some ideas for some ofter Dragon Age battlepacks. Who knows, I might even create them?


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