BT-7 Thunderclap and Ord Mantell

And here we have the BT-7 Thunderclap from the Old Republic MMO:

BT-7Thunderclap(All) BT-7Thunderclap(2)

(There’s also some instructions here)

It’s in the style of the planet sets which were releases a few years back, although the actual ship model has more pieces than the actual sets had. The BT-7 Thunderclap is the player starship for the Republic trooper class.

BT-7Thunderclap(1) BT-7Thunderclap(3) BT-7Thunderclap(4) BT-7Thunderclap(5) BT-7Thunderclap(6) BT-7Thunderclap(7)BT-7Thunderclap(Trooper1) BT-7Thunderclap(Trooper2)

The trooper the fairly easy to do. The chest piece had been already created when I did my Ty’khassan figure (in fact I originally had her as the minifigure). The legs are just copy of the Republic troopers ones from the Republic Striker-class Starfighter (set 9497) coloured blue. The rest are just quick reskins.

BT-7Thunderclap(Planet2) BT-7Thunderclap(Planet1)

I chose Ord Mantell as the planet for it as it’s the prologue planet where you start with the class and what happens there does kick off the rest of the first chapter. It’s not the best object I’ve textured. If I’m being honest, I did the planet out of a sense of obligation since I’d done the rest of the set. If you think the clouds look much better than the rest of it, it’s because I took a cloud map from this site and duplicated it a few times to make it bit more solid.

Finally, here’s a link to some instructions on how to build the ship. I don’t expect anyone to actually build it; the thing is, creating these models on computer there is no actual evidence it’s actually buildable in reality. By including these, I prove it they can be (if only to myself).


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