Uh…. Welcome Back

It’s been a while since my last update. Wish I could say it’s because I’ve been doing a massive project, but I haven’t. I’ve been on a bit of a break and since it’s been a while, lets have some quick pictures of what I’ve been doing*.

Arcadia3 Garrus1


Arcadia2 Arcadia3

This is my attempt a miniland scale version of one of my Old Republic characters: Arcad-dia, a Jedi Consular. Where the arms join the body would be quite weak (one of the advantages of building on computer I guess). I’ve a Bastila Shan version designed as well which I must get around to building.

Garrus1 Garrus2 Garrus3 Garrus4

My attempt at a turian head piece (an alien race from Mass Effect). The texturing is my attempt to create Garrus. I must get around to completing the body.

RepGS1 RepGS2

This is me re-creating the Republic gunship set 75021. Some texturing will be different to the actual set, most notability the gun turrets.

* Not be best lighting or framing. These are just some quick renders as I did so they’re not the best quality.

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