Casual Liara T’Soni, Mass Effect

Just a quick update today, a character I’ve been meantime to blog about for a few weeks now, a casual Liara T’Soni from the video game Mass Effect.

Liara (Causal1) Liara (Causal2)

Liara (Causal3)

It’s a version of her from the first Mass Effect game in her casual outfit. At some point, I’ll create an armoured version.

I’ve also working on another Mass Effect character:

Garrus (WIP2) Garrus (WIP 1)

There’s might be some future changes to the head piece model, but modelling wise, it’s mostly finished. It stills needs texturing however.


Edit: For a while I had the title down as ‘causal’ rather than ‘casual’. All the right letters, just not necessarily in the right order.

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