Urdnot Wrex, Mass Effect

Just a quick post today to show off* another minifigure I recently finished: the character of Wrex from the video game Mass Effect.

Wrex (Front - with shotgun) Wrex (Charging)

Wrex (Back) Wrex (Head Closeup) Wrex (Side View) Wrex (With shotgun)

The body piece is OK, detailing is a mixture of physically details and texturing. I’ve included an exploded version of how I envisioned how this sort of character would be made.

Wrex (Exploded view)

The head… the head is OK. It’s turned out better than I feared, but not as good as I’d hoped. It never was going to turn out as good as I’d hoped because one, I don’t really have the skill to make it that good and two a straight copy wouldn’t look too good. At one point I feared it would look much worse than it did, but thankfully it got better. There’s a slight bump map on the crest to ‘fake’ a bit more detail for the scar. I may add one to the face, but I might not.

I also created a shotgun for him. It based on the Claymore shotgun from the game.

* probably not the right word to use based on what I’ve written above….

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