Project: Anakin’s Y-Wing Starfighter,Complete

I’ve finally completed set 8037, Anakins Y-Wing Starfighter, which I’ll still call it despite there being no Skywalker in it.

Anakin's Y-Wing, front angle Anakin's Y-Wing, forward cockpit

Anakin's Y-Wing, rear angel Anakin's Y-Wing, turret Anakin's Y-Wing, top down Anakin's Y-Wing Front Anakin's Y-Wing, side Anakin's Y-Wing, rear

It’s been finished for a week and bit now, but I only now got around to posting about it. Unlike what I said in my previous post, I’ve decided to keep the ship yellow. I did change some colours, but I’m not mentioning them. If you noticed, good; if not, then it doesn’t matter what was changed.

I also threw together a crude scene:

Anakin's Y-Wing, space scene

Yeah, there are no graphic artists out there who should be worried for their jobs. The nebula is I think I got from the NASA website (I should really, note these things down), and the planet I created myself. There is actually a better version with a smoother ring, but I can’t find that currently and wasn’t worth searching for it for a quick five minute picture.

There are a few problems with the model. For some reason the stud on the top of the astromech droid dome won’t smooth out, which is why it appears like it does.

The helmet for the two Clone Trooper is crude version I created a few years back for another project (which I really must blog about some time).

The transparency is better than previous ones I’ve done, it lets though more of the colour of whatever’s behind it, but still doesn’t make the pieces look solid. If you look at the turret dome, it looks like two infinitely thin domes stacked inside one another, rather than a solid piece of plastic.

One bit which isn’t finished is the cannon. As you might be able to pick out in the image below, there’s a hole in it.

Anakin's Y-Wing, underside

My work method more making pieces involves getting the sizes from LDraw, then building it in Blender. Problem was I couldn’t find either the cannon or bolt in LDraw so assumed it wasn’t in there yet. Instead, I created a crude version which looked ok, had most of the exterior detail and had all the connection in the right places. Once I created the bolt, which I’d seen in the recent parts update, I was then going to fill back in the hole, with a gap for the bolt to stick in.

Then discovered that the cannon piece was in ldraw.

At this point I had basically finished the model and wasn’t in the mood to build that piece again, especially since another project had drawn me, magpie like, to it. So you’re getting it like it is. No doubt I come back to it in a few months and finish it. Or perhaps not.

Someday I’ll have to do an article or two about my building process, then those few preceding paragraphs will make a bit more sense.

And it you made it down this far. It’s over.

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