Major Ty’Khassan

“Who?” you may ask. Another minifigure I’ve been working on: Major Ty’Khassan, one of my characters from the Old Republic MMO. In fact she’s my main character and this basically how she looks.

Ty Khassan (AssaultCannon2) Ty Khassan

Ty Khassan Ty Khassan (AssaultCannon1) Ty Khassan (Equipment2) Ty Khassan (Equipment1) Ty Khassan Ty Khassan

You may notice some stretching of textures around the buckle type thing on her forehead. It’s due to a bit of poor modelling and unwrapping on my part. I should try and fix it, but frankly I’d probably have to re-do the whole Twi’lek head piece and I’m not interested in doing that at the moment.

As an aside, I can’t help wondering if the characters voice actor is the reason she’s my main. If wonder what the hell I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter. If you do, you’ll understand (even if you disagree). It may also be the reason I’ve already done a Commander Shepard and Bastila Shan minifigure.


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