Commander Shepard, Mass Effect

And now a little minifigure I finished off today: Commander Shepard, the player character from the game Mass Effect.

Commander Shepard (Mass Effect version)Commander Shepard (Mass Effect version)

 Commander Shepard (Mass Effect version)Commander Shepard (Mass Effect version)Commander Shepard (Mass Effect version)

This particular minifigure is Shepard in her Mass Effect 1 armour.

If you have no interest in Mass Effect and only come here for the minifigures and models, I’d skip the next three paragraphs.

The reference image I used to make this (from here, which is very useful), says it heavy armour Onyx armour. That said, I think it’s the armour Shepards wearing at the start of Mass Effect 2 (which doesn’t have the light, medium heavy armour distinction of Mass Effect) before she takes an unplanned spacewalk. The intention is that it’s the same armour you’d have worn during your previous adventure, so I’d though I use it as my Mass Effect Shepard.

I’m probably going to an Alenko minifigure next, so I’ll give him proper light Onyx armour.

I had hoped to show of an improved version of the assault rifle, but I’ve not got around to doing that yet. Basically, I’ll giving the stock a bit of bevelling around the edges and making the barrel at the front simpler (as it’s a bit too detailed at the moment). There would be other changes, but they’ll be the most noticeable. Might also make it a lighter gray.

If you skipped those three paragraphs, welcome back. And now just one image of a model I completed months ago and haven’t got around to blogging about: an Alliance fighter, again from Mass Effect.

Systems Alliance Fighter

Some parts have worked and parts haven’t, I’ll get around to chatting about that when I finally get around to writing about it.

Update: You can now select the images to see a larger verison.

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