Project: Mines of Orzammar, Part 3

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update here, so let have couple of short posts. Here’s some pictures from my ‘Mines of Orzammar’ project.


Gates(Back)Gates(Fully Opened)Gates (and Warden)

The gates mostly finished, I’ve just got to create the axe to go across the door.

I’ve started working on a basic Hurlock grunt.


The face is laughably bad, so that will be changed. Annoying really as the sketch I did was quite alright. It’s the mouth that is the major problem, it’s more a happy grin than the evil snarl I was aiming for. The body fine as far as I’m concerned, I’ll probably be darkening the colours a bit (and shading the arms legs and waist) but I can’t see any major changes to make.

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