Project: Mines of Orzammar, Part 2

Just quick update this week:

Gray WardenGateway

Here’s some more of the gate.


If you’re wondering why I’m working slowly on the actual structures, it’s because I don’t want to finish them too quickly. If I have them finished before the mini-figures, I’ll lose interest in the project.

The Grey Warden is pretty much finished.

Gray WardenGray WardenGray WardenGray Warden

The hair piece hasn’t turned out quite as I’d hoped, but it’s acceptable. I’ve an idea how to do hair pieces differently, which I’ll try out when I get to Morrigan and Oghren as they’ll also need a custom hair piece.

There’s still some tweaking to do on the face and with the image on the shield, but it’s mostly just making shapes better and probably won’t be all the noticeable.

The next mini-figure will be a Hurlock

Hurlock (Very work in progress)

Still a bit of work to do on him. The mouth will be a bit flatter to make it less grin, and the face is probably a bit too wide. I’ll see once I start going over the lines in gimp, but that’s basically the design I’m going for.

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