Project: Mines of Orzammar, Part1

I’ve been meaning to post this all week, finally got around to it. Still, here it is, a new project, one I’m calling the ‘Mines of Orzammar’.

Gray WardenBalins Tomb

Click below to see more images and some rather long and boring info on what I’m planning to do.

Basically I’m going to build the ‘Mines of Moria’ Lego (set 9473), but populate it with characters from the video game Dragon Age (Orzammar being a dwarven city in the game). For the modelling of the structures, I’ve already made a start.

A WellA Well

Balins TombBalins TombA GateA Gate

Mini figure wise, I’ve only started on the Gray Warden character (which is the player character in game).

Gray WardenGray Warden

I’ve gone for a human warrior. She actually looks more finished than she really is. What do I mean? Only the pattern on her body has been completed. The hair piece needs more detailing, basically I need to add some strands to show the flow of hair (like on my Commander Shepard hair piece (but hopefully better!)) and make the hair line more asymmetric (currently it’s the same on each side).

The shoulder guards are getting there. They are mostly complete shape wise, a little work on the shape, but after that it’s just a matter of joining them to the neck piece (which needs some work). And doing some printing on them to give a bit of detail.

Other characters I’m planning to do are Oghren (a dwarf, because… well you need a dwarf) and Morrigan (a magic user basically). Those are the allies.

Enemy wise, it’ll be a selection of hurlocks and genlocks (basically, these are the orcs of Dragon Age). As well as just generic ones, I want include a hurlock alpha (an elite creature) and a genlock emissary (basically a magic user). We’ll see how much of this actually happens.

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