Knights of the Old Republic Minifigures (Part 2)

It’s best to start with Part 1. These ones aren’t as good (or complete) as those ones.

Visas MarrDarth Revan

Visas Marr

Visas MarrVisas MarrVisas MarrVisas Marr

I think this is one of my earliest minifigures. The hood piece is low detailed compared to the actual piece. The head itself could do with some work (especially the lips). With the veil that covers the eyes, I could probably attempt to add some lines to simulate folds in the fabric.

The next two are definitely work in progress.

 Darth Revan

Darth RevanDarth Revan

This one has been work in process for quite a while. The mask I quite like, despite its simple colours. I can’t see me changing it anything soon. There’s no body, basically because whenever I attempted to created one it just never came out …bad.

Jolee Bindo

Jolee BindoJolee Bindo

The head is how I want it and that’s probably not going to change. The body on the other hand… I’m probably going to drop it entirely and start from scratch.



Okay, it’s not a render, but it’s my idea for how to build him. I’ve based the construction off this guy but it’s not the most accurate representation of him. It mostly I wish I could make the head flatter, but at minfig size I can’t see a way to do that.

And as bonus, here’s two totally random image on something I’m working on:

Moria WellMoria Well

The models aren’t mine and character wise they won’t be from Lord of the Rings. In fact the set could be called the Mines of Orzammar. So look forward to that (in about four years at the rate I work).

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2 Responses to Knights of the Old Republic Minifigures (Part 2)

  1. Jakob and Erik says:

    Hi I m Jakob from Germany and very interested in the figur Visas Marr.
    Is it possible to buy the figur? It would be so nice. If it is possible
    how much would it cost?
    May be you know somebody who created the figur and tell me.
    I wish you all the best Jakob
    Please send a massage to

    • Ar Inziladun says:

      Hi Jakob, thank you for your interest in Visas Marr. Sadly all my figures are CG (which makes them sound grander than they are) so it’s no actual physical figure. Sorry about that.

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