Knights of the Old Republic Minifigures (Part 1)

Let’s look some minifigures I’ve created, based on characters from the computer game Knights of the Old Republic. There are a couple of flaws with the base minifigure itself, which I’ll mention at the end, just to see if you notice it before I mention it.

Darth Malak (with light saber)Bastila Shan with lightsaber

There are more below, as well as some discussions of each of them.

Darth Malak

Darth Malak (with light saber)Darth Malak (Back)Darth Malak (Front)Darth Malak (with lightsaber)

This is one of my earlier ones. At the time I was looking to make the faces mores ‘realistic’, so the eyes were going to more complete with coloured irises. I’ve dropped that now, but haven’t got around redoing Malak in the new style. The mouth piece is the second or third version of it, and I’m looking to make a more detailed one.

The body is a bit over detailed. It might be that there isn’t enough contrast between the colours, or as it’s rendered on a computer (so there’s a limited to what can be seen at due to the resolution), but from mid to long distances the detail tends to blur together. I had a similar problem with my Bastila Shan mini figure until I simplified it. Speaking of which….

Bastila Shan

Bastila Shan (Front)Bastila Shan (Back)Bastila Shan with lightsaberBastila Shan with lightsaber

This is one of my earlier mini figures too (although newer than Malak) and is my favourite of the bunch. Again I had a more detailed version of the face (you can see it on my first post ). It got a bit awkward creating the eye shapes and I dropped the idea. As mentioned above, the body was initially a more detailed, but the detailed tended to get lost at mid to far distances, so it got simplified.

While the hair could be better, I’m quite happy with the hair as ‘organic’ objects like this aren’t really what I’ve good making. I think I could have exaggerated the shapes a bit, but overall it’s OK.

Carth Onasi

Carth Onasi (Front)Carth Onasi (Back) Carth OnasiCarth Onasi

I’m quite pleased with how the bodies come out. The details don’t blur together at mid to long ranges which has always been a problem. I can’t see me changing that.

The face hasn’t worked to well. The beard suffers a bit from the butterfly effect (I created one side and flipped it over to created the other side). The expression also doesn’t seem to work. While my Bastila Shan face doesn’t exactly look like Bastila Shan, it does work for the minifigure, whereas this face doesn’t look like Carth but also doesn’t work for the minifigure (if that makes sense). It’s something I’ll have try having another go at some time.

Mission Vao

Mission Vao with vibrobladeMission Vao (Back)Mission Vao (Front)Mission Vao (Front)

The tentacle head piece is meant to be the same as one just on the Aayla Secura minifigure. It’s not 100% the same, but it’s close enough for me. That said, it does have a different printing design. The eyes are larger that those on my other figures as I found the head piece made them look too small. I don’t think it’s too noticeable. Also it works for the character as she’s fairly young.

I’ve a still the back to do, but it does works as it is.

From a design point, I gave her a viboblade rather than gun to make each of the characters a bit more distinctive. If you assume that my intention is to create the entire party from Knights of the Old Republic, then I want each to be as distinctive aspossible. There are already four characters with lightsabers, so weapon wise, anything I can do make each of the others more unique I’m going to do.

And the flaws in the minifigures? The arms have shoulders which are too wide, and the chest piece itself is also slightly too wide. It’s currently being fixed, but it’s not to noticeable.

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