The Old Republic Mini’s

Some mini models based on ships from the Old Republic MMO. These range from the quite good* to the not so good.

Sith FuryDefender Corvette

There are some more below, and a brief discussion on them if that’s your thing.

Sith Fury

Sith FurySith Fury

Sith FurySith Fury

This is the best of the lot in my opinion. It would have been nice to get the wings to slope a bit, but at this scale, the only way I could thing to do it, would have prevented me from having the lower set of wings. Which would not have worked.

Defender Corvette

Defender CorvetteDefender Corvette

Defender CorvetteDefender Corvette

The general shape is OK, but the proportions are a bit off. The underside is not too accurate. I was working off two images of it I had found, and they didn’t have any good views of the underside. So I guessed based on what I could see from the images.

Republic fighter

Republic StarfighterRepublic StarfighterRepublic Starfighter

It’s alright. I was working from memory for this one.

Valley jumper (or whatever it’s called)

Valley Jumper (Side)Valley Jumper (Rear)Valley Jumper (Front)

Not as successful as I’d hoped. The general shapes OK, but the proportions are way off. Oh well.

Korriban Station

Korriban StationKorriban Station

This hasn’t worked at all and is the poorest of the lot. All the structures on the original are their on my model, but it just doesn’t come together. Maybe building the upper surface like I have doesn’t convey the sloping surface of the original too well.

* Your own mileage may, as they say, vary.

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