A Random Selection

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so let’s a look at some random models and images I’ve created over the years. Some will be better than others and some have rather crude lighting as I’ve just taken them from movies and images I’ve had lying about on my hard drive. As with everything, click on the image to see a larger verison of it. In no particular order:

A selection of Mass Effect minifigures. Zaeed needs a bit of work on his face and if you think the asari looks jolly, I had originally started to create the face for Liara. At the start you could see Tali better, but I changed the angle of the camera and forgot to rotate her.

Ok, I didn’t design this one myself, but I did have to create the bricks and create the textures myself. Every brick in the original model is in this one as is all the equipment. I didn’t create any for the Jedi minifigures, and the clone trooper helmets are quite crude, but at this distance, it’s not so noticeable.

Hmmm, it’s meant to a Sith fighter from Knights of the Old Republic, I’m happy with the wings, the body not so. Never mind.

The Star Forge from Knights of theOldRepublic. I’ve got a better one on the go, which is a modified version of this. The detailing on the blades is better, and internal structure holding the central ball together is much stronger. Although you could build this one, the ball would be quite fragile.

My Visas Marr minifigure. The lips on the face need work (and the hood is very low detailed compared with the real piece, and she was the first proper minifigure I created myself (although this is a later version).

A Ymir mech for Mass Effect. I’ve got a later version somewhere in which the arms are more like the original and there is more (and better!) texturing. Also if you look carefully, part of the leg is intersecting with the arm (which fixed on the later version). What’s nice about this one is that it’s minifigure scale (near enough).

Carth Onasi and Mission Vao from Knights of theOldRepublic. I’ve quite happy with how they turned out, although the faces could be better.

I’ve called this the Endar Spire, but it could be any Hammerhead cruiser. It’s one of my earliest creations and the guns could do with some improvement.

Another Hammerhead, this time the M44 Hammerhead from Mass Effect. The texturing I’ve not entirely happy about for a reason I can put my finger on. Model wise I’m happy with it however. Length and width are in scale with original, but height it’s not. What is quite nice is that it’s the same scale as my Mako.

And that’s about it. Some of these I intend to post’s about (especially the gunship!), but for the moment, consider these teasers.

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5 Responses to A Random Selection

  1. James says:

    Awesome YMIR mech! What CAD do you use? Do you think you could post the file for it?

  2. arinziladun says:

    The actual file model is in .blender file, however I’d rather not publish that. I’ve spend hours beyond counting creating the various pieces in that. Sorry, and to be honest, the actual model isn’t that useful (I do need to rig it so I can position it better).

    That said, if you give me a couple of days, I’ll see if produce some exploded views of the body, and the two different arm designs, so you would be able to create the model from them either physically or in something like mldraw (which is how I design these models before building them in blender.

  3. Brandon Digiuseppe says:

    Can you send me the instructions for your mini M-44 Hammerhead tank, please.

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