Bastila’s Starfighter

Okay, technically it’s Plo Koons starfighter (set 8093) in red rather than blue, but it’s got a different mini figure and modified astromech droid, so it’s part my own creation (a very small part…):

Click on any of the images to see a larger verison. This next picture is the same as that above, but without the canopy. Transparent textures are something I need to work on.

Some more random shots, including one of the details inside the cockpit.

And finally, a close up of the minifigures. If you saw my first post, you’ll notice that I changed the design of Bastilas face. This is the later version. I had intended to go for a more ‘realistic’ approach to faces, but decided against this.

I had intended to make some minor changes to the model. Basically, I was going to change the design of the engines, replacing the single piece with alternative design made up of several pieces. I was also going to place an old republic symbol on the 2×2 circular tile and a pattern of the white vertical fin at the back. In the end, I didn’t. Maybe I’ll do that in a few months.

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