Normandy SR-2

The favourite of all the models I’ve created, the Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect 2.

Normandy 2

NormandySR-2NormandySR-2 And one of the underside:


I also started to make a box for it. Here’s the front:

Normandy Box, front

And the back:

The Normandy

As you can see, like all right thinking people, I’ve gone for a female Commander Shepard.

I’d post some actual renders of it, except I’ve only done one other side, so the shots won’t be all that interesting. Maybe if I ever get around to finishing it I’ll put some up.

And since I’m here, let’s talk about how I’ve done the thrusters and why. This is how I designed them:

And this is an alternative design:

Sure, it’s more accurate with regards to where the glow is, but there’s a tiny gap between the glow and the actual rear part of the thruster. Also that part should have a gap in it which at this scale I can’t do convincingly. More importantly, it would also mean that the 4×1 tiles were only being held by one stud. This seemed quite weak, especially since I intend the model to be one you can pick up and swoosh around.

And since you’ve made it down to here, one more render:

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