Imperial Assault Walker – Video

Just a quickie today. I was poking around some files on my computer came across some images of my Imperial Assault Walker I’d taken, obviously intending to create some animation with it.

There’s nothing to impressive about them: mostly they’re 360 spins around the model showing off details. Some are a bit unfinished, the one that starts at around the 30 sec mark, probably I would have continued the spin to show the rest of the head.

The music from the Old Republic (it’s called ‘The Mandalorian Blockade’). Some of the tracks were release prior to launch of the game, you can find other ones here.

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Work in Progress: All Terrain Open Transport

A bit of a work in progress here, because I don’t always feel like working on my Christmas project. It’s a partially completed All Terrain Open Transport from 2009’s Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker (set 10195).

All Terrain Open Transport All Terrain Open Transport

The bulk of the frame is done, just need to add the side panels and cockpit. Continue reading

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Mobile Rocket Launcher

Posts have been a little sparse lately: I’m working on my Christmas project at the moment, so I’ve not had anything I want to show at this time. I did however create this a few weeks back.

It’s set 462, Mobile Rocket Launcher, from 1978’s .

(There’s a couple of alternative views of the above images below the break.) Continue reading

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Captain Anderson

Just a quick post today, Captain Anderson from Mass Effect.

Captain Anderson (Front) Captain Anderson (Back)

It’s a version of him from the first game, where the uniform is simpler than in the later games.

The face is a bit rubbish. The best I can do, but still rather poor.

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TIE Defender

Ok, this was something which kinda just happened (hadn’t even started it a week ago). It’s another official set, the TIE Defender from 2010.

There’s also a construction video, done in a similar style of these people. Basically, I’ve just copied the instructions.

Continue reading

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Y-Wing Starfighter

Nothing too exciting today, just a copy of the Y-Wing Starfighter from 2017.

The pilot and astromech droid are different, but the model is the same except for one piece.

There are more pictures below. There are also a few pictures (actually 34) of it under construction. Continue reading

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Life Is Strange – Max & Chloe – True

Something a bit different today: a music video!

The music is True by Amaranthe, set to clips from Life Is Strange. The song just seemed to fit the game there characters.

When I say it’s set to clips from Life Is Strange, it’s actually just the characters of Max and Chloe. So yeah, it’s also potentially only a few steps removed from being a creepy shrine. (Maybe it is only a poster and a couple of candles, but it’s still a creepy shrine!)1

Continue reading

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