Captain Anderson

Just a quick post today, Captain Anderson from Mass Effect.

Captain Anderson (Front) Captain Anderson (Back)

It’s a version of him from the first game, where the uniform is simpler than in the later games.

The face is a bit rubbish. The best I can do, but still rather poor.

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TIE Defender

Ok, this was something which kinda just happened (hadn’t even started it a week ago). It’s another official set, the TIE Defender from 2010.

There’s also a construction video, done in a similar style of these people. Basically, I’ve just copied the instructions.

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Y-Wing Starfighter

Nothing too exciting today, just a copy of the Y-Wing Starfighter from 2017.

The pilot and astromech droid are different, but the model is the same except for one piece.

There are more pictures below. There are also a few pictures (actually 34) of it under construction. Continue reading

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Life Is Strange – Max & Chloe – True

Something a bit different today: a music video!

The music is True by Amaranthe, set to clips from Life Is Strange. The song just seemed to fit the game there characters.

When I say it’s set to clips from Life Is Strange, it’s actually just the characters of Max and Chloe. So yeah, it’s also potentially only a few steps removed from being a creepy shrine. (Maybe it is only a poster and a couple of candles, but it’s still a creepy shrine!)1

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First Order Heavy Assault Walker

Nothing exciting for this one, just a copy (mostly) of the First Order Heavy Assault Walker set from 2017.

I created this in December when the instructions came out. More pictures below the break, including some mid construction photos

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Temple of the Aegis

I’ve been on a bit of break, so here’s something I did around New Year and never got around to posting (as it’s not the best thing I’ve ever designed).

It’s a Tomb Raider inspired set, rather grandly titled ‘Temple of the Aegis’.

The Aegis could be better. The gorgon head design is terrible.

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Max Caulfield

The player protagonist from Life is Strange (I hella love this game).

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